Carbon Equity’s Portfolio Fund II reaches €50m from 100 investors in its first close

  • Since its launch in February 2023, Carbon Equity’s Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II has raised €50 million from more than 100 investors
  • Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II allows investors to invest alongside 7-10 world-renowned climate venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds with a single investment ticket
  • Investors invest in 150+ fast growing climate tech companies through a single investment with minimums as low as €100,000, and soon €50,000
  • Carbon Equity reported strong growth in H1 with a year-over-year 320% increase in assets under management (AUM)  and a 125% growth of the community of investors

AMSTERDAM, June 28, 2023 — Carbon Equity, the world’s first climate venture capital and private equity fund investment platform, announced a strong first close of its Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II, which launched in February. Its Fund II allows investors to build a diversified portfolio of climate tech startups and scaleups by investing with the best climate funds.

In 2022, climate-related private market investment increased by 7%, while overall private market equity deal volume declined by 24% compared to 2021.* McKinsey argues that continued investments and actions from governments, corporations and investors in climate tech will shield the space from macro trends like high interest rates and labor shortages. Despite climate tech being one of the most resilient segments in 2022, investment in Q1 2023 declined in keeping with the broader market trend. In Q1, climate tech startups raised $5.7 billion across 279 VC deals — a 35% decline compared to the previous quarter as compared to a 38% drop of the overall venture funding market.**

Despite the uncertain economic conditions, Carbon Equity's investors have reaffirmed their commitment to powering climate tech companies through tough markets, as evidenced by the following highlights.

📈 Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II raised €50 million from over 100 investors
📈 320% increase in assets under management (AUM) year-over-year, surpassing €140 million
📈 125% increase in the community of investors year-over-year, with over 500 investors

Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Equity, emphasizes that, "Our community of investors has doubled down on their commitment to climate tech investing, showcasing their understanding of the critical role of tech in achieving a net-zero future”.

“We have furthermore witnessed a growing interest among high net worth and mass affluent investors to integrate venture capital and private equity into their portfolios. Low cost fund of fund structures make a lot of sense when investing in a theme like climate technology given that they offer ample diversification across geographies, sub-themes and investment stages.”

Carbon Equity leverages 40+ years of investing experience and a deep understanding of the climate investment landscape to select the funds best designed to deliver a positive impact on the planet and strong financial returns.

For investors, this means you get to invest through world-class funds such as Energy Impact Partners, Lightrock, 2150 or Astanor Ventures and power incredible companies such as Form Energy (producing grid-scale batteries), Biomason (decarbonizing cement with biotechnology), Sunfire (industrial electrolyzers for hydrogen and e-fuel production) or Current Foods (making fresh seafood made from plants).

“By giving a new generation of investors access to top climate investing opportunities, Carbon Equity aims to mobilize billions in private capital toward necessary climate solutions.” said van den Ende.

The Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II will continue fundraising through 2023 or until it is fully subscribed. For more information about Carbon Equity or its Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II, please visit their website.

Disclaimer: Carbon Equity B.V. is an AIFMD-light manager and is included in the AFM register. As with all investments, your capital is at risk.

About Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity is a fintech investment platform that democratizes access to climate private equity. By enabling small ticket access to leading climate venture capital and growth equity funds, Carbon Equity unlocks a trillion-dollar capital pool from next-gen investors who currently have no or limited access to private market investments. Through its direct portfolio and direct funds, Carbon Equity offers both real climate impact and non-concessionary financial returns. Carbon Equity is a European venture-backed platform, founded by a group of highly experienced investors and tech entrepreneurs including alumni of AlpInvest (the Carlyle Group), HAL Investments, Philips Ventures, Ecochain and McKinsey.

For more information about Carbon Equity, please visit here.


Jacqueline van den Ende