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Unlocking private capital to solve the world’s greatest challenges

We are a diverse group of professional investors, climate experts, engineers and more, all working towards a shared goal—building the premier climate fund investing platform.

Our leadership team

Our visionaries and operators

We are led by a team of talented professionals from leading investment and technology companies, including HAL Investments, Peak Capital, Phillips, McKinsey & Company, Vandebron and Ecochain.

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Our investment team

Leveraging 60+ years of private equity experience

Our in-house investment team applies 60+ years of private equity investing and 15+ years of climate impact experience to carefully choose the select few climate funds that make it onto our platform.

Wiebe Visser
Managing Director

• Investment Committee Member at Carbon Equity

• Former Private Equity Secondaries at AlpInvest Partners

• Fromer Mergers & Acquisitions at J.P. Morgan

Lara Koole
Co-Founder & CIO/COO

• Investment Committee Member at Carbon Equity

• Former Founding Member and Partner at Philips Ventures

• Former Manager, Corporate Finance at Deloitte

Liza Rubinstein
Co-Founder & Head of Impact

• Investment Committee Member at Carbon Equity

• Former Consultant, Energy Transition at McKinsey & Company

• Former Impact Investing Researcher at the Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO)

Dirk Meuleman
External IC Member

• External Investment Committee Member at Carbon Equity

• Current CEO at Phenix Capital Group

• Former Manager Private Equity & Infrastructure at Shell and MN

Bas van Beijeren
Investment Director

• Former Associate at AlpInvest

Dennis Schäfer
Head of Legal & Tax

• Former Tax Advisor at Loyens & Loeff

Our investor solutions team

Your personal points of contact

While our platform makes it easy to invest fully online, our investor solutions team is ready to help you at any time.

Tobias Grinwis
Senior Investor Solutions
Berend Braam
Senior Manager Investor Solutions
Tessel Majtlis
Junior Investor Solutions
Rikkert Beerekamp
Head of Professional Solutions
Liz Engelberts
Manager Professional Solutions
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Our core values

What are we guided by

To solve the hard problems worth solving, we must stick to our core values. They guide every decision we make as we build the best possible investing platform.

Mission driven
We focus on building a sustainable future, not just creating profits today.
We craft solutions that work within our economic reality, steering clear of pure idealism.
arrow in target
We adopt a forward-thinking approach, believing in the power of individual and collective action.
We change perspectives through stories of progress rather than pessimistic views.
We aim to be transparent and fair, not downplaying challenges and risks.

Our traction to date

Become part of the solution

Join the hundreds of investors already powering our net zero future.


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Invest in the future you wish to see

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