Carbon Equity raises an additional €100 million for climate solutions 

Investment platform sees growing momentum for investing in climate tech

  • Carbon Equity’s Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II closed at ca €100 million, well above the €75 million target
  • Carbon Equity has raised a total of €200 million from 700 customers in two and a half years, highlighting the growing momentum for investing in climate tech
  • Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III launches today with a target size of €125 million

Amsterdam, March 5, 2024 – Carbon Equity, the leading climate fund investing platform, raised €100 million for climate solutions through its Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II. This exceeded its initial target of €75 million and more than doubled the size of Fund I, which closed at €42 million in 2022. The Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II invests in 7 to 10 selected private equity and venture capital funds and indirectly in 150 to 200 critical climate solutions including solutions such as green hydrogen, battery technology, carbon-free cement, (industrial) heat pumps, bioplastics, smart thermostats, and next generation proteins.

Carbon Equity was founded in 2021 with the ambition to unlock private capital at scale to finance the world's most important climate solutions and visionary founders. Through its platform, people can invest from €100,000 in innovative climate technology through private equity and venture capital funds. This gives them access to an investment category that normally requires a very high level of expertise and millions in capital. Carbon Equity opens up this asset class that has historically been reserved only for institutional and very wealthy investors.

Jacqueline van den Ende, Co-Founder and CEO of Carbon Equity, states: 

"Through our platform, we pool the capital of private investors, thus offering them the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of unlisted climate companies. Via our fund of funds, they indirectly invest in a selection of 150+ rapidly growing climate technology companies, such as CarbonCure, which captures and stores CO2 in cement, Twelve, which produces renewable kerosene from green electricity, water and air, and Form Energy, which develops advanced energy storage systems. Given the manifold technological pathways within climate solutions, a relatively young landscape of funds and the importance of geographical diversification, a fund of funds in our view is the best way to generate attractive risk adjusted returns when investing in this theme.” 

The growing momentum for climate solutions

Between 2020 and 2030, Roland Berger expects that the revenue from climate technology will grow from €5 to €12 trillion*. Within private markets, climate technology investments now represent 10% of all venture capital and private equity deals - up from just 2% in 2014*

In less than three years, Carbon Equity has raised €200 million from 700 investors, including prominent entrepreneurs, c-level executives, private equity professionals, family offices, and institutional investors.

"It shows that the market is maturing quickly,” says van den Ende. “The global commitment to halt climate change offers opportunities for investors. Not just for the ideological investor, but also for the pragmatic investor who wants to realize attractive, risk-adjusted returns as a result of investing in impactful and fast growing climate innovators. We believe that climate change is not only the most urgent problem facing humanity but solving it is also the most attractive investment opportunity of our generation. Our biggest challenges are also our biggest investment opportunities.”

Launching Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III

Following the successful closing of the Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II, Carbon Equity is launching its Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III, aiming to raise €125 million. The launch of Fund III follows the successful strategies of Fund I and Fund II, which have already committed to 15 leading climate funds such as Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Ara Partners, 2150 VC and Energy Impact Partners and invested in more than 100 climate tech companies with several early successes.

Next frontier in democratization

Later this year Carbon Equity plans to launch its first ELTIF fund with minimums below €100,000 to further open up access to its funds. “Our goal is that ultimately anyone with a good salary, a pension, a children’s saving plan or an inheritance can help build a net zero future with their capital whilst benefiting from the value creation of doing so” says van den Ende. 

About Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity is a climate fund investing platform active throughout Europe. Carbon Equity's goal is to unlock billions in capital from investors to help solve the world's greatest challenges, starting with climate change. By giving private individuals access to leading venture capital and growth funds in the field of climate, Carbon Equity's investors can invest in diverse portfolios of breakthrough climate tech companies, ranging from CO2-free cement to plant-based meat and green hydrogen. To date, Carbon Equity has gained the trust of more than 700 investors who have invested €200 million through its platform.

Carbon Equity is licensed in accordance with Article 2:65 of the Financial Supervision Act. Carbon Equity and the alternative investment institutions of which it is the manager are supervised by the Authority for Financial Markets (AFM). Carbon Equity B.V. is listed in the AFM's register of investment institutions with registration number 15005329.

For more information on Carbon Equity, visit the website or LinkedIn.

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This is a marketing message. This information does not provide a sufficient basis for an investment decision. Please read the Information Memorandum and the Essential Information Document of the fund before making an investment decision. You should also consider all relevant features and objectives of a Carbon Equity fund in your decision, not just sustainability aspects. Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III qualifies as Article 8 SFDR. Information about sustainability can be found in the website statement of Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III and in the information memorandum. These documents are available at

There are risks associated with investing. You may lose part or all of your investment. The risk of Climate Tech Portfolio Fund III is high, namely 6 on a scale of 7.