What does Carbon Equity do

Jacqueline, our Co-Founder and CEO, summarizes what we do in less than two minutes. Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Tell your friends about Carbon Equity
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Private equity,

Impact investing happens in private markets — startups and scaleups depend 100% on private capital to finance growth and product development. However, access to invest in these companies remained limited to a select group of wealthy, well-connected investors. Not anymore!

Limited access

Climate tech founders normally partner with the best private equity funds. These funds typically require a personal connection and high capital requirements (2-10mln), making them unreachable to everyday investors.

Access for all

By bundling our investor's capital together, we give more individuals access to high-impact climate funds. This results in more money directed to climate companies reliant on private capital to reach the masses.

Your capital is bundled

Carbon Equity pools your commitment with other individual investors to let you reach the requirements of investing with first-class investment teams — at much lower minimum amounts.

Redeëet Negate
Director, Daybreak Ventures

Investing through Carbon Equity allows me to participate in climate companies that would otherwise be unreachable for me.

Madelein Smit

Buying ESG shares only help shareholders but does not fund the underlying companies to scale their technologies, whereas investing with Carbon Equity does.

Theye Veen
Co-founder, SkyNRG

Carbon Equity is the perfect platform for individuals to invest with impact supported by the most professional investment teams in the world.

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