Become a climate tech investor

Build a diversified portfolio of pioneering climate tech companies with our Climate Tech Portfolio Fund II. Request key info to gain an insider’s view into the fund. Plus, take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a call with our team.

Madelein Smit
CIO, EV Box | Investor in our Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I

Buying ESG shares only help shareholders but does not fund the underlying companies to scale their technologies, whereas investing with Carbon Equity does.

Aart van Veller
Founder, Vandebron | Investor in our Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I

Carbon Equity's platform gives me access to climate tech on the frontier of change, plus they do all the diligence for me.

Redeëet Negate
Director, Daybreak Ventures | Investor in our Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I

Investing through Carbon Equity allows me to participate in climate companies that would otherwise be unreachable for me.

Pepijn Vloemans
Writer and investor in our Climate Tech Portfolio Fund I

Carbon Equity is the solution for those who want to invest directly in groundbreaking climate start-ups, but don't have the time or inclination to figure everything out themselves.

Get access to private markets

By bundling your investment with other investors, you gain direct access to the best climate funds, curated by us.

2-2.5x target net return

Climate tech is currently outperforming the rest of private equity. Through this Fund, you can join the investing experts leading this trend.

True climate impact

Your capital has its greatest impact in private equity — where you directly power the growth of startups and scale-ups fighting climate change

Effortless investing

Let our experienced team do the work for you, so you can sit back and follow the impact your money makes.