Lead Engineer

As Lead Engineer at Carbon Equity, it will be your mission to develop our Climate Investing Platform. An investing platform where people can see and learn more about how their capital is funding pioneering climate tech companies. You'll be involved in the entire product development lifecycle including the design, development, deployment and maintenance of new and existing features. You will be the first in-house developer and will be the start of building out our developer capacity within Carbon Equity.

Our current Beta platform is planned to release to our 250+ customers in early 2023. At that time we will also start the handover from our external development partner to our in-house ‘team’. You will be the start and the driving force of the team together with our CPO and UX/UI designer.

About you

  • You are able to deliver quality features without much supervision all while keeping the rest of the team in the loop.
  • You are a strong communicator who can challenge the Chief Product Officer on new ideas and features but can also proactively work towards finding solutions. It is your shared responsibility to bring user stories to life and to avoid building features nobody wants.
  • You have the ability to translate user stories into technical requirements.
  • You can oversee and drive projects forward.
  • You are familiar with the kind of product development process that adapts to the day-to-day but also allows setting long-term goals.
  • You're curious about new technologies and you're excited to find ways to implement them in your work.
  • You have a good idea of what a team needs on who to hire next. However, you don’t need management or hiring experience. And we don’t require you to do the hiring yourself. Your opinion and view on the next steps are highly valued though.
  • You have broad hands-on product development skills to resolve any bottleneck and prioritize shipping over everything else.
  • You have extensive technical know-how to choose the proper level of architectural complexity for every step along the way and work with technical service providers accordingly;
  • Intuitive grasp of what makes digital products great.


  • You’re a full-stack engineer with 5 years of hands-on experience who is comfortable working with both front- and back-end languages.
  • You preferably have knowledge of multiple back-end languages but at least have experience with Python and Django framework
  • You have knowledge of multiple front-end languages and libraries (CSS / Bootstrap, react/vue)
  • You have experience with databases (PostgreSQL)
  • You have experience with Platform as Services such as Heroku
  • You have experience with web servers, such as Amazon Web Services

What will you be building?

Our Climate Investing Platform serves two main purposes:

Engage our customers

Investing is not the single act of transferring money. It is all about learning how companies grow, make an impact, and to be involved with their progress. The platform will update investors about:

  • New investments made into companies,
  • New funding rounds raised by companies,
  • The impact their investments are making,
  • Other portfolio-related news.

Increase accessibility

Private equity has been notoriously paper-based and inaccessible. We are streamlining that process to reduce servicing costs and inform our customers on a continuous basis. It allows us to serve customers that would otherwise not be viable (costly) to serve; plus it will allow us to serve customers that we would otherwise not be able to reach:

  • Financial: the platform will facilitate capital calls (transferring money) and provide insights into the current value of the investments
  • Onboarding: the platform will need to facilitate a seamless onboarding (KYC/AML check) which is currently chopped into different steps
  • Admin: the platform will need to establish API connections with our external fund-admin who will provide most financial data.
  • Opportunities: the platform will facilitate customers to discover new opportunities and reinvest their profit into more pioneering tech.

What's in it for you?

  • When you believe in our mission you’re part of the mission - that's why we offer all of our employees a generous stock option plan based on seniority and role next to a competitive salary.
  • Work at a freshly funded Fintech with endless ambitions
  • Be the first in-house developer and decide where we will be moving next 🎯
  • Lots of room to bring your own ideas, and the mandate to work on them
  • Headquarters located in The Next Web West (Amsterdam), close to the Vondelpark
  • Full-time position
  • Annual company offsite abroad

How to apply

  • Apply through this typeform
  • We will start inviting candidates from the 2nd week of November

About Carbon Equity

We believe that everybody should have the ability to use their capital to halt climate change. We want to offer a new generation of investors the opportunity to have real climate impact with their capital. And make a decent return in the process. Only then can we unlock the power of the masses, make everyone a co-owner of this transition and send more capital to where it’s needed most.

At Carbon Equity, we believe that the best way to accelerate decarbonization with your money, is by investing in companies that are bringing innovative climate technologies to market. Like alternative proteins, zero-carbon cement, nuclear fusion and electric tractors.

Most of these companies are funded on the private market, via venture capital and growth equity funds. These funds have high barriers to entry, with minimum tickets in the millions. With Carbon Equity, we made it our mission to open up this world of climate private market investing.

Carbon Equity is building the leading climate investment platform for retail investors. A platform that makes private equity and venture capital accessible by removing traditional jargon, mechanics, and complexities. We enable people to pick their specialist team of investors (i.e. fund managers) to invest for them, so they can sit back, relax and enjoy how their capital is making a real climate impact.

We are a solidly funded company (€3M), allowing us to grow rapidly to accomplish our mission. We are currently a team of 15 and growing rapidly. 🚀